The Ideal Garage Floor

You have a garage with a concrete floor but the concrete is neither sealed nor covered with any type of flooring system. You could leave it that way but there are disadvantages to that. Primarily, there is no moisture barrier so water can seep up into the concrete and it will lead to mold in the garage.

Something New

Garage floor coating Chicago

You have the options of putting down tile or sealing and painting the floor. While that will look okay for awhile, it will not stand the test of time and it will not handle the constant in and out of cars or heavy tools. Tile tends to crack or come loose and paint chips and fades.

It is better to try something new. Get a Garage floor coating Chicago premium services can offer. Find a local company that offers epoxy flooring solutions. This type of new garage floor will, unlike tile or paint, never fade and never crack. It is also the perfect moisture barrier you need to keep out mold.


Epoxy is very strong. It is actually a synthetic compound that is stronger than concrete. It can be applied to any surface. It will never lose the color that it has and it is easy to clean. There is no danger of cracking or coming loose. It is strictly and intensely bonded to the concrete floor underneath.

You need this kind of durability in a garage. A lot of heavy work goes on in there, especially if you use it as a workshop.

Affordable Solutions

You can choose from a variety of colors for the flooring system. Call on the right company and get a free estimate today. It is the sort of thing that will fit your budget, even if it costs a little more in the beginning than putting down tile. The affordable advantage is that you will never have to repair or replace it.